Peru Soul Renovation



I underwent some soul renovations in Peru.


I realized I have spent almost every second of the last ten years in Doing mode…and this got really clear when I was away and off the grid.  It’s time for Being.  Truly Present.  Truly Awake.  Truly Responsible for the creation of your own life. 


We completed an energy cycle with the New Moon on Monday and are in a space of fertility.  It feels open and rich.  It feels like clarity. 


You may be seeing your life with fresh eyes.  You know how you can walk down the same streets for years and one day you look up and see something beautiful that you missed that was there the whole time?  It’s kind of like that. 


You may be looking around your environments and your relationships and see something now that needs to shift.  It may have been so obvious but you just couldn’t see it until now.  Your Heart is doing the seeing.  It knows what has got to go and what can stay.  There is only space for what is in alignment with what is necessary for your growth. 


Letting go of people, places, things, ideas, and worn out iterations of yourself is okay. 


It's your responsibility to be awake in your life NOW.  If you want to do something, do it.  If you want to go somewhere, go.  If you want to say something, say it.  If you want to create something, make it.  If you want to sing, dance, feel, write, run, and get wild, do it.  We stop ourselves with these insidious internal programs that we've been running since we were born of appropriateness, normal-ness, what everyone else is doing-ness.  There are no rules except what you believe and know in the integrity of your own heart.


What do you want the very very most?  What are you willing to give or to sacrifice to receive it?


In Peru, everything is about exchange.  If someone wants to build a home, they ask permission of Mother Earth.  They offer flowers, fruit, wine, stones, pottery and prayers as an advance gift to her.  They give to receive. 


In our culture, we take what we want.  We are used to this type of exchange born of a people that conquer, that pull up our boots straps and that subscribe to the American Dream.  It’s hurting our planet and leaving us in a place of exhaustion from constant striving. 


If you want something greater than what’s showing up in your life, you have to give more to it.  It’s all about exchange.  Take a risk, make an offering, get uncomfortable, give more when your ego wants to keep you safe and the same. 


Do you.  And get to it.  We miss the you that you are dying to be.