Self Care vs. Soul Care

Good morning and welcome to 2015. 


It's time to dig in and DO things differently in order to make this year the kind of year that makes your heart sing. 


To peek under the bed and see what kinds of bones are hanging out in your closet.  We’ve all got core wounds and anxieties and little demon thoughts that hang out and keep us stuck…in the same job, the same relationship dynamics, the same mental loops.  No matter how weird you think you are when your mind goes to that dark place, trust that everyone else’s mind goes there too.  You are not alone.  You are not the only one. 


Self-care is a big buzzword phrase in my world.  This year I am taking it deeper and moving into Soul Care.  The definition of Soul is the animating principle or actuating cause of an individual life.  Self-care has always felt pedestrian to me.  Yes, we have to look after ourselves-eat cleanly, rest fully, and give ourselves time and space.  Does the immaterial essence of a person need a mani/pedi though? 


Soul care is a commitment to not numbing out, not buying into social norms and the God of Busy.  Soul care is about being 100% responsible for what is happening in your life.  Soul care is about a commitment to being fully AWAKE.  It's about not shying away from challenging questions, conversations that we are afraid to have and looking fear and grief and anger in the face and saying, "Oh hi. I'm not scared of you because you are a part of me.  What do you have to show me about my capacity?  How will you help me?" 


Soul Care is about love being the highest vibration and the recognition of this benevolent and powerful force acting in our Universe on our behalf. Soul Care is light driving out density and peeling the layers back one by one by one.  And then it's about more love, more and more.  Being responsive, making eye contact, seeing that the light within you is the same source light within all of the eyes you ever look into.


Soul Care is something that was seeded in me last year and the first teeny tiny shoots appeared on January 1st when I woke to a behavior that was needing a light shined on it.  I'm not sure where this journey will go but I will write on it.  In the physical world it's going to look like a lot more Breathwork and a spring retreat somewhere pretty. 


Happy New Year everyone!  I’m excited to see where the journey of this year takes us.  New choices = New life.