What Do We ALL Want To Let Go Of?

I had the honor of co-leading a New Moon women’s fire ceremony last week.  We had 30 women all speaking their intentions out loud and releasing them to the Universe.  Everyone wrote down their biggest Let Go and their deepest wishes. 


As we wound our way around the circle, there was an emerging theme.  Every single woman wanted to let go of fear and some form of self-doubt.  It was a unifying moment as these were all dynamic, bright, successful women. 


It’s so common to be in a room of people and feel like the odd one out.  Like everyone else totally has it together and you are the only one who is melting from the inside out with insecurity and worry and feeling like you should have worn a different outfit.  The more I do group work and the more I hear what is going on with my fellow humans, the more I realize we ALL feel that way!


Not all the time or every time.  But many times we may look like the picture of togetherness to someone else while we are full of anxiety and vice versa.  There is so much tenderness in hearts these days. 


I am honored and privileged to have an inside window into what is happening beneath the exterior of my clients. 


Everyone is afraid of something.  Everyone feels like not enough sometimes.  Everyone is aching to go bigger and reveal more and being stopped by some mental construct or societal constraint. 


We are all in this together. 


Here is the thing:  Anything that prevents your complete and full expression is just a block that was probably put in place when you were young.  We all have them.  They are the areas in your body that feel constricted or heavy.  These obstacles hang out inside us whispering about how they will keep us safe. 


They promise that if we are not too loud, not too demanding, do not dare to color outside the lines, we will be okay.  Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t “tell ‘em how you really feel.”  That would be embarrassing.  You might be rejected. 


Well, that could happen…but WHO CARES?


You are a grownup now.  Any dismissal of your essential self by anyone is a really clear indication that that person/relationship/job/pursuit isn’t really a good fit for you. 




Screw fear and doubt.


You are a warrior.


Shoulders back.


Lift your crown.


Reveal yourself. 


The World is waiting for you.