Questions To Ask Yourself To Shape Your New Year

So here we are, poised on the precipice of another New Year.  How are you feeling?  And more importantly, are you ready?


Every day can be a personal experiment in what you would like to experience.  I’ve had days where the only thing on the to do list was to breathe.  Other days I try to thank as many people and offer as many compliments as I can. 


The deepest, most important commitment we can make is to support our highest truth and our highest selves.  What exactly is your highest self?  It’s you when you feel your best, living with purpose, living with love and care for yourself and others in your life, and honoring your most heartfelt desires. 


Most people’s heart felt desires do not involve going to spin class three times a week or giving up coffee.  These are valid, healthy goals but they are not necessarily essential to your soul’s well being.  I invite you today to just muse a little and dig a little deeper.


You don’t have to make any lists and you don’t have to commit to anything concrete.  I’d just like you to daydream a little bit about what your true needs are.  What do you really desire? 


What would make your heart beat a little faster?  What would make you throw your head back and laugh like you haven’t laughed in too long?  What would make you loose track of time?  What could you get so involved in that you would forget to check your phone? 


What would make you feel a little wild?  A little juiced up?  What seems a little impossible? 


These are the dreams I’m talking about.  The GOOD ones.  Who cares if they sound crazy or outlandish or farfetched?  This is YOUR life. 


The only true limits are your passion, your drive and your imagination.  Thinking about it is free and everyone benefits when the people in our tribe are happier.  Make this a fun exercise and just roll your mind around some ideas. 


Here are a few questions to get you thinking:


What has outlived its usefulness in my life?

Where can I release shame about my identity?

What decision(s) am I putting off making?

What am I so done doing?

How much happiness am I willing to have in my life?

How much freedom from “should” am I willing to have in my life? 

What part of myself is feeling unattended to-spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual, mental?

When was the last time I had an adventure?


“In the end

These things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”

~ Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

So go nuts!  It’s a new year!  Let’s make 2015 one for the books!