The Best Day of the Year to RESET

We are in a very potent portal between the Fall Equinox (which happened late last night-9/22) and the New Moon that happens late tonight!  This Equinox/New Moon combination is a special window of open opportunity to review where you’ve been and where you now choose to go!  It’s time to pause and survey your harvest from the seed thoughts you planted throughout the year.

There is a definite back to school electricity in the air and the hum of a “new year”!  This day can be used to align ourselves with our individual purposes and how we contribute that to the collective.  It is an excellent day to take stock of all that we have created and learned to propel us forward. 

This is the perfect day to push your own metaphorical RESET button.  In truth, we never actually have to wait for a New Year or a New Moon or a “special planetary transit.”  It’s entirely up to you to decide to make a change.  To say No.  To say Yes.  By why not take advantage when the Universe has got your back even more than usual? 

Two of our stickiest relationships exist with receiving and letting go.  Those both sound simple enough and like great ideas.  Who doesn’t want to receive more love, money, appreciation, time, abundance?  Sounds great right? 

And who doesn’t want to just effortlessly cast off all the junk that makes us feel inadequate, afraid, lacking in confidence, stuck, or powerless? 

This is why it’s tough.  Your ability to RECEIVE is directly correlated to how much you VALUE yourself.  Your ability to LET GO is directly correlated to how much you are able to TRUST in the unknown. 

Did you wake up this morning feeling like you needed more sleep?  We often start from a place of lack from the moment we open our eyes.  We add to it throughout the day-I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough energy, my hair doesn’t look right, this outfit isn’t right, I made a mistake, that was stupid, I’m embarrassed, I’m unprepared, etc.  This combined with messaging that we received in our childhood and through our adult lives leads us to one big experience of Not Enough. 

And there lies our value.  It is a lot easier to love other people than to love ourselves.  We give others the compassion and sweetness and breaks that we withhold. 

If you don’t value yourself enough to believe that you deserve respect or kindness, you may receive treatment from others that is less than you deserve because you are teaching others how to treat you. 

You may not value your own time so you say yes when you mean no and wind up feeling resentful, anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. 

Boundaries are difficult when you aren’t fully valuing yourself.  You might be frequently subjected to other people’s problems while not receiving support for your own.  You may feel like a dumping ground for people in your life. 

External circumstances of how we look, or how much debt we have, or the size of our home doesn’t need to have any effect at all on our value.  I invite you to declare that you are worth it no matter what!  It’s a conscious decision that can be made any day, any time, even from moment to moment.  What do I choose?  What do I no longer choose? 

The second easier said than done process is letting go.  It really sounds amazing in theory.  Fear zooms in because releasing what no longer serves us-whether that’s a friend, a partner, a source of income, or a pair of shoes-creates a void.  We have to trust and believe that the void will be filled with something better.  But we don’t know what that will be or when that will be.  It’s an unknown and that is scary. 

What is familiar to us is really comfortable even if it causes us pain.  We have a saying, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” meaning that it is better to stick with less than ideal rather than risk the unknown.  You may stay in a job that you can’t stand because you are afraid you won’t be able to find another one, or make more money, or enjoy your work more.  You may stay in a romantic relationship where your needs are only meant some of the time and you only feel cherished or important to this other person some of the time.  Some feels better than none…and you may not trust that another relationship might be able to give you everything!

I really believe that life wants us all to win and that the Universe has our back.  Faith in something greater than me gets me through every moment of risk I’ve ever taken-moving across the country with no job lined up, starting my own business, and ending long term relationships. 

I like to use the mantra:  I am divinely supported and guided by the Universe!

Take a few moments today to honor what has ran its course to make some room for new beginnings.  Grab a piece of paper and write down 10 Wishes when you wake up tomorrow morning.  There is a lot of universal support for making your dreams come true right now.  Tap in and have a wonderful Fall!

* I've also created the newest iteration of the Radiant Heart Crystal Tincture.  It is "cooking" right now and will hold the special vibration of this Equinox/New Moon RESET portal in addition to all of it's other beautiful, heart soothing properties.  Email if you'd like a bottle of this magic potion!