Step into 2014 With Clarity & Intention

I took a technology break last Saturday and it was one of the most healing things I’ve done all year.  I turned my phone off and told Facebook I was going off the grid.  With the gorgeous snow falling all around me, it turned my apartment into what felt like a cozy cabin in the mountains with no Wi-Fi.

I had had a very provocative conversation with my coach/trainer/healer on Friday that precipitated this move.  She was trying to get to the root of an issue and I was being really stubborn and getting frustrated because I knew what I had to do…but didn’t want to do it.  My lust for inspiration and information sometimes leads me down a black hole of technology.

I realized that my habits had turned my phone and my laptop into tools of distraction rather than a way to gain knowledge.  My constant curiosity was beginning to direct all of my seeking outward rather than inward.  Going offline was the perfect way to get quiet and internal.

I spent the day journaling, reading, cleaning, long-term goal setting and doing a lot of EFT (emotional freedom technique) exercises.  I received so much from that break.  The experience of being quiet really allowed a lot of precious bits of insight to filter up.  Not being “on call” with every beep or vibration of my phone allowed me to truly, truly relax.

We’ve all got ingrained habits that we may or may not be conscious of that can harm our ability to engage, access creativity, relax, feel energized, or receive love among other things.  Each season has a natural rhythm and part of winter’s spirit is allowing things to die that don’t serve you.  This may seem very dramatic but it is truth.

Some sh*t has just Got.  To.  Go.  Are you ready?  With just 14 days until 2014, what needs to exit the building in order for you to thrive?