My Gratitude List

Happy (almost!) Thanksgiving!

I recently heard about a Benedictine monk named Brother David.  He is the greatest living scholar in the world on gratefulness.  He goes into silence for two years and when he comes out, he basically spits out golden words.

He was asked recently what the difference was between gratitude and gratefulness.  His answer was that gratitude has two great branches-gratefulness and thanks giving.  When you’re in gratefulness, the bowl of life is so full that it’s almost overflowing.  It’s so full that it’s bending but not quite dribbling over the top.  When you’re in that experience, you are in the great experience of life.  You are one with the Universe, there is no other.  This experience is one of sufficiency, of enough, zero lack.  The bowl of life is so full that it is allowed to over flow into thanks giving.

So this is the place that we give thanks from.  We cannot give what we don’t have.  We can only allow our cup to overflow when we experience that we have enough.

We can easily fill our own cups when we take a moment to appreciate what we have, rather than focusing on what we don’t.  If you are a Law of Attraction follower, it says that you must be grateful for what you do have in order to receive even more.  Lack just attracts more lack.  Gratitude attracts more to be grateful for.

We have endless things to be thankful for this season and every day.  Take a moment to make your own list this week or share your thoughts around the table at your Thanksgiving meal. 

Here are mine:

I am heart achingly, exquisitely grateful for YOU.  You (yes, you!) make it possible for me to live my dream.  You make it possible for me to live a life that I couldn’t have even imagined.  You teach me, inspire me, ground me, push me, and keep me reaching to higher heights.  I am so blessed that I have to pinch myself regularly that I am allowed to do this work.  Thank you from every fiber in my body.  Thank you from my soul.

I am thankful for my physical vessel, my container, my body.  It’s been an interesting run living in this form.  I used to trip over my own feet a lot and frequently knock things over.  It took me a long time to really have an understanding of what my arms and legs could do for me.  There’s been a strengthening and solidifying feeling more recently with this body.  I feel more at home here.  It is not in pain.  I am not in pain.  It is doing more for me than I ever expected and I am enjoying it!  Thank you.

I am thankful for these emotions, particularly the icky ones.  Come on in loneliness, grief, insecurity, resentment, lack.  I welcome you.  Let’s hang out.  I commit to not judging you because I see you are useful.  I am thankful for the wounds that come up for healing.  I am thankful for the sifting layers of my psyche that present themselves at just the right time.  I am thankful that I have the tools to transform them and the self-love to roll with them.  Thank you.

I am thankful for my community-my family, my friends, my patients, my neighborhood people.  You are unexpected and blow me away with your love.  I am still challenged by receiving it and feeling worthy but it’s getting easier.  If I have a relationship with you that extends into real time, you may have seen me wearing my Receive necklace.  There is a reason for it.  You can be surrounded by support and sweetness but not feel allowed to reach for it.  I am just starting to realize how much is there within my grasp.  Thank you.

I wish you a beautiful, relaxed holiday with your loved ones.  Thank you.