Manifest Your Desires with the New Moon

I don’t normally write about astrology in my newsletters but this is such a hugely potent time in the cosmos that I just can’t help myself.  I know many people think of astrology as ‘the way too general horoscopes in the paper’-applicable to everybody.  There is sooooo much more to it than that.  When you dig in a little deeper, you start to see that the trends in the skies really do make an impact on our lives down below on planet Earth.

This moment is like a cosmic birth canal for us and a LOT of nitty gritty, grimy, not so fun feelings are emerging.  There was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 18th and we are gearing up for a New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 3rd.  Lunar eclipses rule endings and Solar eclipses signal new beginnings.

Mercury is also in retrograde.  It’s not just about your computer, your cell phone or your plane ticket.  Mercury rules everything with the prefix of ‘RE’.  Think redo, revise, recalibrate, review, and remember.  Fix what’s broken.  Take a second look.  Double-check your thoughts.

This middle part is murky and it is asking us to look at our triggers and then get underneath them.  Like, way underneath.  Sometimes when things come up that make us feel uncomfortable we say, “I should relax or I should just be more patient.”

This is not the time to do that.  It’s not the time to spiritualize our emotions.  There are some moments in life where we need to stretch our comfort zone and practice non-attachment to situations.  This is not the directive right now.

Don’t meditate it out, sage it out, light a candle it out, yoga it out.  The practice now is to look straight in the eye at what is making you feel icky and ask where that emotion is coming from.  Allow it to reveal itself.  Let your tissues release your deepest truth.

Perhaps you are triggered in relationships when you are not receiving the kind of love or attention you want from a partner.  It echoes the pain in your childhood where you didn’t receive the love that you needed.  Just because it’s a trigger doesn’t mean it doesn’t have weight or it’s not real.

By trying to diffuse those feelings as invalid because they are old, we ignore the goldmine of information they have.  This is a stripped down moment.  Who do you want to be?

What do you want to receive?  What do you want to create?  What have you been ignoring or setting aside because it seemed impossible?  Where are you getting in your own way?  Where are your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in the same old place?

Where were you last year?  Are your pain points the same as they were then?  Is it still all about the unfulfilling job, the just ok partner or the non-existent partner, the gym membership that is still unused?

This tunnel is ripe with laser clarity, brilliant insight and epiphanies about what is and what could be.  It’s all ours for the asking.  It is all available when you know what you desire most and release the blocks that are in the way.

Be deeply involved in YOU.  Live from the inside out.  Allow your identity and your actions to be shaped by what is true for your highest self.

What is revealed right down might not be pretty but it will be the truth.  The planets will sober you up to what’s really going on.  The more you can look at it, the more quickly it can shift into a reality that feels inspiring and full of life force.


"Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly."

~ Franz Kafka


The New Moon happens on Sunday the 3rd and it’s a glorious moment to step out on your correct path.  Manifestation power is very high on New Moons so I invite you to make a wish list.  Write down what you desire to bring into your life.  Feel how good it will feel when all of your dreams come true.

Tuck it away to see what came true or burn it to release it to the Universe!  Life wants you to win and will support a clearly stated yearning.  Have fun with it!