Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

A great year doesn’t happen all by itself.  A great year happens through conscious choices and correcting course when necessary.  You have full license to be the director of your greatest year ever this year.  You ready?

I know many people who don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I LOVE them!  I love a clean slate.  I love a blank page.  I love a fresh year rife with possibility.  It’s your world.  Enjoy shaping it and curating your experience.

This year, New Year’s Day happens to land on a New Moon Super Moon!  A New Moon happens every month and is the best day to start new ventures.  A Super New Moon gives extra oomph and manifestation power to anything we decide to do this year.

Optimum direction setting time will be 2pm on New Year’s Day.  Break out the vision boards, the crisp notebooks, your laptop, or just speak your wishes out loud to the Universe!  Here are some of my favorite tips to make intention setting productive and fun!


Define how you want to feel

Pick three adjectives that describe how you would like to feel this year.  Energized, Peaceful, Strong, Stable, Affluent, Sexy, Inspired, Purposeful are just a few to choose from.  If you know how you want to feel, this can inform your decisions as to how you want to get there.  Ex.  If you want to feel Peaceful, you may want to choose restorative yoga rather than spin class as part of your exercise plan.

Find an accountability partner or publicly announce your goal

Accountability is key in achieving most things.  Community building around your goals will keep you on track and inspired when you feel like you are slipping.  Ex.  Announce that you are giving up sugar for 30 days on Instagram and show us your healthy snacks.  You will have hundreds (or more!) cheering you on.  Staying in integrity is easier when you don’t want to let others down. 

Build in a rewards system

Goals are no fun if we don’t get a prize when we reach them.  It can be something super simple.  When I found my new apartment, I rewarded myself with a new set of dishes.  Celebrating reaching your milestones is really important.  One, so we enjoy and mark the fact that we did it.  And two, so we don’t just keep moving the goal posts out and never recognize our hard work.  Treat yo self!

Break them down into 3-month, 6-month and 1 year chunks

You want to make sure that you set some simple goals that are easy to achieve.  This will give you a feeling of success and accomplishment that you can direct into your bigger long-term goals.  Smaller goals could be replacing coffee with green tea 3x/week, making a weekly phone date with someone who inspires you, going to bed 10 minutes earlier so you have time to read.

Allow for flexibility and shifting priorities

Intentions are there to provide a framework for what you’d like in your year.  Life comes in though and things change.  You may have a health issue that needs attention and healing.  You may fall in love and nurturing that relationship will take precedence over your career goals for a time.  Make space for what is coming up for you.  No guilt.  You are just rolling with life.

Get rid of the “shoulds”

Don’t put anything on the list that you don’t actually want to do.  Don’t do it because everyone at your office is doing it.  Just don’t.  Your intentions need to be about your deepest desires.  Make them as unique as you are.  Don’t carry the same goals over from last year before asking yourself if they are still relevant.  Make a conscious choice about what you want.

Identify what you need to stop doing

So you’ve got your list.  The next step is “What do I need to stop doing in order to reach this goal?”  Do you say yes when you mean no?  Are you sticking around in a dead end relationship?  Do you need to take better care of yourself?  Do you need to get off your phone?  There is always a behavior that is standing in the way of us living the life we imagine.  Figure out what you need to stop doing and do it.