I Just Don't Feel Like Myself

When I am working with someone who is going through a challenging time in his or her personal life, I often hear “I just don’t feel like myself.”  There is an assumption that feeling like yourself means that you are always joyful, energized and inspired.  Anything that is not labeled as positive is labeled as a state of mind that we need to push away and avoid at all costs.

Our true nature when we are in a state of balance is one of equanimity.  We are not too high or too low, not too amped up or too relaxed.  We are contented and even in our existence.

There is a danger in rushing too quickly back to the positive.  Emotions are signposts pointing us to the next direction on our path.  It’s not possible or preferable to be in a constant state of joy.  In fact, in Chinese medicine, excessive happiness is considered harmful because it is overwhelming to the spirit.

Every emotion is healthy unless we get stuck in it for too long.  All emotions are an invitation for growth and introspection.  We tend to demonize and reject the emotions that don’t feel good to us.

When we deny what we feel because we don’t like the way it feels, we miss the lesson.  We miss the opportunity to heal.  Recognizing that your spirit is disturbed is the first step in healing. 

Awareness brings attention, which can bring solutions.  All of your emotions make up the richness that is you.  Even the ones that feel really heavy.


You are grief.


You are inspiration.


You are heartache.


You are joy.


You are anxiety.


You are peaceful.


You are angry.


You are courageous.


You are scared.


You are wise.


We can accumulate pathological emotional energy over a lifetime.  Each emotional state affects our organs and the spirit of our organs in a different way.  When we strengthen these organs through acupuncture and energy work, we are able to transform the dark into the light.

The Heart experiences anxiety, shock, unforgiveness and long-term memory of emotional trauma when out of balance.  In balance, the Heart feels peaceful, loving, forgiving and there is a sense of divine order.

The Spleen experiences worry, obsession, and self-worth issues when out of balance.  In balance, there is trust, openness and a sense of resolution.

The Lungs experience grief, sorrow, shame, guilt, and despair when out of balance.  In balance, there is integrity, right action, and courageousness.

The Kidneys experience fear, paranoia, and loneliness when out of balance.  In balance there is wisdom, willpower and a connection with your destiny.

The Liver experiences anger, jealousy, resentment and depression when out of balance.  In balance, there is compassion and benevolence.

Again, out of balance isn’t “bad.”  It’s just a location on the pendulum of health.  We are always moving back and forth as we respond to life.

The holidays can bring up a lot of darker material for processing.  This is a natural response, which is aligned with the energy of fall and winter.  Please be gentle with yourselves at this time if this is coming up for you.

There is nothing wrong with you.  You got this.  And you are deeply loved.