What to Add to Your Life

While we were sleeping last night, there was a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus.  Why would you care about the Moon you might ask?  Well, the Moon has a giant gravitational pull on the ocean-reigning it in and letting it back out.  If we were living in accordance with the natural rhythms of the Earth, it would be exerting that same pull on our menstrual cycles.

Anything that can affect how the ocean moves and my reproductive cycles is something to pay attention to.  When the Moon is new, it is time to initiate, to begin.  New projects, new ideas, new partnerships launched today have staying power.

Think carefully about what you would like to launch in your world today.  Make a wish list of powerful requests for your life.  10 wishes are best.  State your desires in present tense, ex.  I do what I need to do every day to take care of myself or I am in a healthy relationship with my soul match.  Tuck these sacred sentences away to review at next month’s New Moon or burn to release to the Universe, trusting the wheels are already in motion to bring you what you wish for.

This New Moon is in Taurus, which is about earthy pleasure and returning to a feeling of groundedness.  It may have been a very rocky or wild couple of weeks and we are now returning to something that feels more stable.  One of my beloved clients mentioned to me a couple weeks ago that my m.o was always about letting go.

In the spirit of abundance, spring, and feeling the bounty of everything we do have that’s good in life, here is a list of things to ADD IN.  These are things you can enjoy in huge, heaping, ridiculous amounts.

Binge on them.  Slurp them up with a straw.  You can never have enough of any of them.  Try adding in one a day to increase your experience of joy and health!

Hugs:  They say we need four hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, 12 for growth.  How many hugs are you missing out on?

Plants:  The Peace Lily, the Philodendron, the Areca Palm are just a few that clean our air.  Having a living, breathing thing in your home to tend to adds life and color.

Vegetables:  Sautéed, roasted, julienned, pickled, raw, yum.  We are rarely getting those 6-8 servings.  We need them.  Find the ones you love and eat more.

Sleep:  Make your bed like heaven.  Create an experience that nourishes and calls in more more more rest.

Love:  Give.  Receive.  Repeat.

Human contact:  With all of our electronic communication, we are missing out on this part.  We need eye contact and touch and emotional exchange.

Inspiration:  Find it in books, in conversation, set up your news feeds to be full of inspiring photos, quotes, and videos.  You can surround yourself with it.

Fresh water:  Drink it.  Swim in it.  Dryness inhibits movement.  Unparch yourself.

Dance parties:  Shake it.  I’ve been having more solo dance parties at home-so fun.  Move that body to a new rhythm.

Yoga:  My movement of choice.  Maybe not yours but damn, nothing beats this combo of stretching, strengthening, balancing, and endorphin release.  The bonus is staying with the sensation of each pose helps you stay with the sensations of LIFE.

Mother Earth:  Lay on her.  Stand on her.  Breathe her.  Check her out.  She’s a beauty.

Bike rides:  They always make me feel like a kid again.  Playful and going fast.  That’s enough for me.

Meditation:  Even two minutes of just breathing can change your day.  It’s a meditation practice because you are always just practicing whether it’s your first time or your 20,000^th time.

Laughter:  Oh boy it’s so good for you.  Releases all kinds of happy chemicals.

Sunsets or sunrises:  New York gives good sky.  Sunrise is particularly magical because it’s so quiet.  Check it out.

Deep breathes:  Breathe all the way into your experience.  Don’t just take in a bit of it.  Take it all.  Be fully in your life.

Mantra:  This is a new practice of mine and there are mantras for everything.  My current mantra is to remove obstacles in my life.  I’m chanting to Ganesh and it goes a little something like this:  Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.  40 days guys.  An intriguing experiment.