Self Care vs. Soul Care

It’s been a lot harder to write lately.  I feel like I’m in the middle of a rebirth.  Since I returned from retreat in Nicaragua, I’ve felt redirected in a very interesting way.  I’m a Sagittarius, which means I am nothing without inspiration.  I need a clear target to shoot my arrow at and I need to be able to see where it’s going.  I don’t need to see the journey, just the destination.

The swirly writers mind is coming from the unknown journey.  I love the unknown.  It excites me.  I like it because of its possibility and promise.  Anything can happen if you don’t know what’s going to happen.  The ripeness of that is thrilling to me.  It’s morphing into something good.

One direction that I am moving into is Soul Care.  I started working with a woman last week that is going to help me develop a new program just for YOU.  It is loose and developing right now but I am working with the idea of soul love in service of higher love.

That higher love can be your next boyfriend aka your soul match.  Or it can be your long lost connection with faith.  It can be improved, honest, connected relationship with your family.  It can be a realization that we are all connected and our light comes from the same Source.

So I’m working with the idea of Soul Care.  Self Care has always felt a little hollow to me.  It brings to mind pedicures and power naps.  It’s a little boring.

Soul Care is different.  Soul Care is nuanced, emotional, informative, expressive, deep.  It can result in taking action to care for the self but the motivation is different.

It’s an invitation to really look at what you need from moment to moment.  To get to know what those whispers from your psyche are trying to tell you.  It’s examining your patterns of behavior and thought and wondering why.

It’s deep deep deep self-inquiry.  Any actions that would stem from this level of self-knowledge goes way beyond a 10-minute massage at the nail salon.  Or maybe they don’t because that is what the soul needs.

It’s about you knowing you.  What are your rhythms and habits?  What causes you pain and what creates joy?

When was the last time you felt joyful?  What does joy mean to you?  Is it available in your life?  Do you want more?

“When people observe the ways in which the soul is manifesting itself, they are enriched rather than impoverished.  They receive back what is theirs, the very thing they have assumed to be so horrible that it should be cut out and tossed away.  When you regard the soul with an open mind, you begin to find the messages that lie within the illness, the corrections that can be found in remorse and other uncomfortable feelings, and the necessary changes requested by depression and anxiety.”

~ Thomas Moore

We receive countless direction from our soul on a daily basis.  All feelings are signposts directing you this way or that.  Take time to listen today, tomorrow, this week and see where you take you.

You might feel compelled to paint your bedroom, enroll in a class, make some art, enroll in a class, adopt a pet, reach out to an old friend, start journaling again, take a dance class, smile at a cute man.

We’re all in this journey together.  I’d love to hear from you and how you are listening to your soul.  What will you do today and what action will you take to connect to what you really, really need?