Lunar Eclipse + Spring Tips Part 2!

I returned Sunday night from a very healing week away in Nicaragua.  I travelled there to rejuvenate, attend a yoga retreat, and work on my ongoing goal to learn how to surf.  As I stood in my shower the morning that I left, I wondered how I would feel when I returned.

What would I learn?  What would I experience?  What new insights would I gain?

Travel is such a stretch for the ego.  When we go somewhere where no one knows us, we have an opportunity to drop all of our stories and labels and become who we really are.  We might introduce ourselves to new people in the way we’ve always done.  “I’m Erin.  I live in this place and do this thing.”

But is it true?  Can it be different?  I labeled myself to my new yoga loves as a person who can’t sing and who creates with words not pictures.  Guess what?  I painted and sang (just a couple of lines!) on this trip!

We have the choice at any moment in time to drop the story of who we are and grow into who we can be.  In the wee hours of this morning we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Full Moons are completion cycles and eclipses create events in our lives for course correction.  Wherever we have gotten off track in our lives, there is a chance to take a strong step back onto our correct path.

The eclipse energy is strong so this choice could be made for you if you don’t make it yourself.  This moon is very connected to how we engage in relationships with others.  There may be a key emotional habit that comes to light now.

Do you abandon your own needs to appease others?  Do you stay silent when you are seething?  Do you own your worth or allow it to be determined by others?

Nothing ever has to stay the same and it shouldn’t.  We are vital beings on this Earth in this lifetime to experience love and joy.  If you have felt mired in the muck, MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE.

No one said you had to do this, be this, feel this.  Take your life back.  Drop the job, drop the relationship, drop the self-flagellation, drop the self-doubt, drop the confusion.

Step into life.  Here is my second round of Spring Tips!  These suggestions all involve the Liver & Gallbladder organs.  When the Liver is free, easy and healthy, we can get out of our own way.  When the Liver is congested with crappy food, resentment, and feeling stuck-we can see no other options for this life.

Spring has officially sprung.  Can we collectively drop all the talk about how bad the winter was?  It’s over now.  Step into the next season of your life.


1.  Move and spend more time outside

This is crucial.  It is far too easy to forget that we are animals when we spend so much time indoors attached to our laptops, TV’s and cell phones.  Our bodies were made to run, jump, swim, dance, climb, spin, fall, roll, shake, and shimmy.  Let them do it.  Outside air helps your Qi flow!    Allow the staleness of winter to slough off to create a clean slate for spring!

2.  Plant a seed

This could be the seed of a beautiful heirloom tomato plant or the seed of a dream you’ve kept on the back burner for far too long.  Whether your seeds are literal or metaphorical chose something to nurture right now that will grow and give back to you when the time is ripe.

3.  Incorporate sour flavors into your diet

Picture the face you make when you bite into a lemon-your lips pucker up as you feel the tang on your tongue.  Your Liver loves this!  Sour is its favorite flavor because it provides natural, gentle cleansing.  Add lemon slices or a big spoonful of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water for an easy, non-abrasive liver cleanse.

4.  Detoxify & release pent up emotions

Detoxify your entire system.  Begin by limiting your toxin exposure from processed foods, intoxicants, chemical household products, and body care products.  This is the ideal time for a gentle dietary cleanse.  You may want to go a little deeper and look within to see where and what emotions you may be internalizing.  Grief and anger harm our physical bodies the longer they are kept inside.  Consider addressing the root of those emotions and get them up and out!  It’s time.

5.  Take care of your eyes

The eyes are the sense organ related to the Liver.  We are staring at computer or smart phone screens FAR too much and our eyes are tired! Take care of your overworked eyes. Rest your eyes by covering them with the palms of your hands and allow your eyes to relax until you see only all black. When at your computer, look as far as you can away from your monitor every 15 minutes.