Don't Quit!

As my practice grows, new rhythms develop from year to year.  This January, I’m seeing a huge surge of people who are really committed to their health!  It is so thrilling for me to see new patient after new patient who are curious about making changes on every level.

I don’t think this is a flash in the pan thing or a resolution ramp up thing.  I think this is steadily growing movement.  It’s got some subterranean roots that are slowly and deeply spreading.

People are ready for change.  They are ready for a life up level.  We are moving through the very last days of a Water Snake Year.  I will write more about this next week in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Basically, we are still shedding old habits and things that no longer serve us before we rocket into the Year of the Fire Horse.  Still shaking it off.  Still going through a bit of muck.

So in the interest of true lasting change and moving into 2014 with integrity, I invite you to introduce this idea into your intentions:

“Just Try It On For Size.”

It’s a whole different vibe than “I Quit.”  Or “I Am Going To The Gym Every Damn Day.”  It’s not a cop out.  It’s just a different take on things.

Since the New Year began, I have been seeing how I feel without coffee or gluten.  I’m just “trying it on for size.”  I have a rule for myself that I never quit anything.

Quitting just sounds so harsh and restrictive.  The whole point of doing anything that is geared to increase health should also increase delight, energy and feeling good.  Quitting feels like a punishment to me and creates a whole lot of resistance for my internal rebel.

Full disclosure:  In the last 21 days, I’ve had three cups of coffee.  I also had pizza because I went to brunch at Roberta’s and it’s just shameful not to indulge in some of the best pizza on the planet.  If I had made a big proclamation that I was !!!Quitting!!! then I would have felt very guilty about this delicious meal.  There could have been a subsequent shame spiral followed by completely falling off the gluten wagon.  Who wants that?

In my quest to just try something out and see how it feels, I’ve noticed that without gluten my digestion is the best it’s ever been in my life.  I’ve noticed that when I drink coffee, my internal landscape feels like it’s speeding up and is in opposition to the peace that I am actively cultivating.  That doesn’t feel so good to me.

When you can take the time to gently observe your habits and behaviors, you receive different information about how things affect you.  Creating change should always be about the greater good.  It may be a bit of a bumpy road to really integrate it into your life and that is okay.

The change will stick if it makes you feel better.  Intentions that create more pleasure and a greater quality of life are the way to go.  Intentions that create deprivation and punishment never work for the long haul.

So what can you ‘try on for size’ this week to see how it feels?  Green tea instead of coffee?  Kale instead of toast?  Meditation instead of CNN?  Staying home instead of going out?  Gratitude instead of complaint?  Compliments instead of gossip?

Give something a whirl that is not your norm.  Have fun with it.  I’m cheering you on over here with my green tea and gluten-free pom poms.