Are You Ready for Rebirth?

I stepped out this morning to grab a coffee and heard so many birds chirping as I walked to the café.  It was a delight and as pure a symbol of “We’re back!” as I can see.  Life is beginning to bloom again.

We’ve all got a birthday coming up this Thursday.  The Spring Equinox (also known as the First Day of Spring for those of you who have been holding your breath for warmth since last November) is happening.  You are probably thinking, “Cool, I can finally ditch this down jacket.”

And it is cool but there is more.  This is a day of equal day and night.  Equal light and dark.

Did you have a rough go of it this winter?  Did you sink a little?  Feel stagnant, exhausted, blah?  Were there some dark nights of the soul?  Some rigorous self-examination?  Some moments where you just felt bleak and over it?

Winter is an inside job.  Living in a city insulates us from the rhythm of winter but we still feel it emotionally.  It can feel like death.  It can feel like there is no escape from introspection.  It can feel exhausting.

Winter plunges us into darkness so that we can do our work.  We dig into the depths of our subconscious and allow our stories, our wounds, and the things we just can’t ignore anymore to surface.  We marinate there and it feels BIG.

You may have been confronted with all of your “stuff” over the last couple of months.  Abandonment, loneliness, depression, grief, regret, doubt, your own mortality, fear.  This is not good or bad.  It is simply part of a life.

It may not be pretty but its essential to clear your subconscious gunk to receive your gifts.  Out of opposition and struggle, we see what we are made of.  It’s an alchemical process that reveals self-knowledge, wisdom, and precious information that will inform our future actions when we step into the light.


“This is a time of balance in our life.  The Spring Equinox represents fertility and the urge to create.  We are poised with our desires and visions though.  We want them to be exactly what we love the most since we'll reap the fruit of every seed we plant.  It's time to review and renew every parts of our life, to redesign and empower our relationship to outer reality from a clear vision within.”

~ Marielle Croft, astrologer


The light is arriving and with it we are reborn.  It’s time to wake up from our slumber like little budding seeds that have just broken the surface of the ground and are seeing the sun for the first time.  It takes courage to choose to truly live and not just coast through life.

Are you ready to change your programming and shake off the sludge of “supposed to” and “normal” and “what everyone else is doing”?  Don’t forget that this is YOUR life.  You have the power and the passion to design it in the most magnificent way.

If we only have this one life-how juicy is yours?  Are you passing time or are you filling time?  It’s all a choice.

As we move forward this Thursday, take a moment to think about what you would like to birth in your life.  What would you like to create?  If you had it your way (and don’t forget that you do!), what would you be calling in?  What needs to change?  What do you want the very most?

Put your energy where your passion lies and your garden is going to bloom big and lush.