Another New Year, New Moon, New You

Are you ready to rumble?

There is a New Year in town beginning this Friday the 31st!  Oh, you thought that already happened?  Well, this is the Chinese New Year and it’s another opportunity to wipe that slate clean and start again.

The Year of the Wood Horse is thundering into our lives.  It is said to be one of the biggest energetic shifts in the entire 60-year wheel of Chinese astrology.  We are moving from this murky, intense, sometimes dark, deeply reflective, watery energy into some powerful, fast, forward motion.

2013 was said to be the Year of Karmic Rebalancing.  Think of the qualities of the Snake-slow, deliberate, twisty, fierce, shedding skin.  Last year may have been a year that took you into some dark spaces.  You may have been forced to examine some very old wounds in order to move on and heal-literally shedding old layers and letting things fall away for a new, shinier you to emerge.

You might be feeling a little creaky and a little tired right now.  We are in the waning moon phase of the month where we are doing our final releasing before the New Moon on January 30th.  This is right in line with the last days of the Water Snake year.

Keep shedding, keep letting go of what doesn’t serve you.  2014 is the Year of Simplicity.  Pare down.  Clean the closets, clean your contact list, clean up your social media feeds, clean your mind.  What is in front of you can delight you-whether that is your home, your community, your visual field.  Make it so.

All this prep work allows you to be ready for the intense surge of energy that accompanies this Wood Horse Year.  The element of Wood in Chinese medicine is all about upward and outward growth.  It does not want to be stopped.  Wood is a catalyst.  It is a tidal wave of energy that carries us forward with great force.

This is the year to have supreme faith in your vision.  You are receiving a mega energetic injection for all projects and goals.  The qualities of the Horse are powerful, fast, wild, and also deeply intuitive.  If you’ve ever spent time around horses, you can see their magnificence and strength in their movement.  You can also see the other extreme in their gentle nature when they are still.

The Horse signifies surprises in adventure and romance.  It is about decisive, quick action coupled with deep faith in your intuition.  It’s fast, fast, fast so get ready for a wild ride Earth Family!

It may feel like one of the fastest years of your life so hang on tight and have FUN!


Celebrate The Year of the Horse:

1.  Clean your home top to bottom, inside and out before Friday.  Cleaning done on New Year’s Day is said to “sweep away” good fortune.

2.  Fill a bowl with clementines, oranges or tangerines as an offering to appease any bringers of bad fortune.

3.  Wear something red!  Red is a color that is said to scare away evil spirits and bad luck.  Also, wearing a brand new outfit on New Year’s Day symbolizes new beginnings and abundance.

4.  Eat dumplings or just feast with friends and family.  Surrounding yourself with the love of those in your community generates warmth and good vibes, which always bring good luck!