Three Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

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I just got back last night from a really incredible weekend in L.A.  I stayed in this gorgeous Air BNB that was the perfect sanctuary for me to retreat to after the class I took.  My three favorite things about L.A. are the friendly people, the lush, jungley plants and the sunshine.  I got it all plus got to spend time with some old friends and my cousin! 

One of the big things that we talked about in class was the importance of developing our intuition.  This was a class on healing but intuition is a skill that you can benefit from no matter what you are using it for.  We can use our intuition to make almost every choice in our life and the stronger it is, the more we can makes choices that really connect us to what will bring us the most joy and growth.    

I’ve been really flexing my intuition muscle this year to the point that it’s become something that I can really count on.  The more I trust it (even when it doesn’t make sense at the time!), the more I know that I can trust that my heart is leading me in the right direction.  One of my biggest leaps of faith was following my gut to choose to study with David Elliot and learn this new breathwork technique. 

I often hear people say, “I’m so confused.  I don’t know what I want.”  What is cool is that these two sentences are almost always followed by “I just …. -> Insert their biggest hope/dream/future plan.”  Another way of looking at intuition is that it is our natural knowing.  We usually do know what we want but there can be so much mental static in the way that it’s hard to hear the messages we are receiving! 

Learning to listen to your inner voice can help you to avoid regret, second-guessing, and “shoulding” yourself.  Often we choose the opposite of what we feel like we should do in favor of the safe option or what our friends or family or partner are telling us we should do.  Your heart is the wisest advisor that you have.  Tune in. 

There are three common types of intuitive senses.  We usually have one that comes more naturally to us.  All three are available to us and can be developed over time. 


Clair sentient = Clear knowing through “feeing” it

Clair audient = Clear knowing through “hearing” a message/sound

Clairvoyance = Clear knowing through “seeing” a visual or image


Which one do you connect with and trust the most with yourself?  All of us have the ability to tap into our intuition.  All it takes is practice!  Here are some ways to get stated: 

Meditate-The quieter your mind is the more you will be able to listen to subtle cues.  The less scattered we are, the more clear we can be, and the more we will be able to get signals from our hearts rather than the wounded, scared, reactive parts of ourselves.

Exercise-Get into your body.  Know what it feels like when you feel stressed.  Know where you store tension and when you are relaxed.  The body is one of the greatest indicators of a Yes or No.  There is a feeling of expansion or contraction.  Yoga is one of my favorite forms of taking care of myself.  It’s life training because it teaches you to stay present with what’s uncomfortable or difficult.  Running or any kind of exercise that requires focus and attention can aid in quieting the mind. 

Bodywork-Reiki soothes the nervous system and acupuncture turns off the fight or flight response and induces endorphins.  Massage relaxes the body and helps it feel grounded.  The act of care taking your beautiful vessel can help you connect to the needs that you have that go beyond simple survival. 

Tight vs. Expansive Exercise-This is one of my favorite intuitive decision making tools and it’s really easy!  Take any decision that you have to make.  Get grounded in your seat in a quiet place.  Close your eyes and feel your way into your imagination.  Imagine yourself being fully in one of your options (i.e. taking the job, moving, leaving the relationship).  How do you feel?  Does your gut clench or feel nauseous?  Does your head feel heavy?  Do you feel a sense of doom or fear?  Now try the other option with your imagination.  How do you feel?  Expansive?  Free?  Excited?  There you go! 

I know your intuition can be a really powerful tool and guide for you.  It feels so good when you begin to see that you really can trust yourself to make great choices for your life!  I invite you to start small. 

This is totally a process and the more you use your intuition muscle, the stronger it will be and the more it can work for you. 

Use the tight vs. expansive exercise when choosing a color for your pedicure.  Use it when you’re deciding whether you need to be with friends or have some down time, use it when you are deciding to stay or go.  And then listen.