Feeling Stuck? 4 Ways to Get Out of Inaction!

With two planets in retrograde and a heavy cloud of humidity, life felt like it ground to a halt this past week.  I had the sensation of moving through quicksand with mounting anxiety about my very un-done to do list.  Because it is BIG right now. 

I’m attempting to birth a new offering into the world.  It’s taking shape.  I am feeling into it but it is not quite complete. 

I’m choosing to go slow.  I’m choosing to follow my rhythms.  They are weird right now. 

I’m running in place waiting for my starting gun.  It’s the most difficult it’s ever been to type these words.  Usually they just flow and I can complete a newsletter in 30 minutes from inspiration to hitting the send button.

Not this week.  This is sludge, sludge and more sludge.  So I’m going with it.  Just hanging out in this space of inaction.  

You don’t always need to DO.  In fact, if you are feeling a bit paralyzed or like things are at a standstill, you may need more information.  You may need to wait for a lightning bolt.  It’s okay to take a break before you make a decision or take action.  Respect your rhythms. 

Here is what I’m doing this week to tenderly shift my state of inaction and overwhelm:

Moving my body

We store our issues in our tissues.  When you move your body, your stir things up and get things moving!  Stretching, sweating, jumping, running, twisting, reaching, bobbing, weaving and kicking are all movements that are outside the norm of our chair bound life.  Hidden within the spaces of our body are worlds of wisdom.  I always receive inspiration on my yoga mat and flashes of insight for writing are delivered during class.

Reviewing my Gratitude List

When things get weird, I say my gratitude list out loud.  This is so important.  It’s a declaration when you speak it.  It retrains our lizard brain that wants to focus on all the problems…to focus on what is working.  And what is working is that we are loved by many and we are healthy and we have at least one more day on this Earth to get it right.  Focusing on what is good in your life creates new synaptic connections in your brain that teach you to look here first. 

Surrendering to my feelings

Do you feel buried by self-doubt and confusion?  Ok.  Sad?  Ok.  Heartbroken?  Ok.  Afraid to move forward?  Ok.  Can you give yourself permission to feel these feelings?  You are a human being and you are allowed.  There is no negative.  There is no should.  Just feel them.  No big deal.  The more you feel into a feeling the more quickly you can transform.  Give yourself a day.  


Get grounded before you take action.  If you need more information, get it.  If you need more time, take it.  Sometimes we need to leap without a net.  Sometimes you just need to chill out and collect yourself.  Feel into which state you are in. 

All things will roll out when they (and you!) are ready.  Take your time.  We are in backwards motion until July 1st.  This is an excellent time to be in the state of all things that begin with ‘re’:  Review, reflect, recharge, renew, recalibrate, renegotiate, revise, reconnect.