Feeling Ungrounded? Get on the Ground.

If you want to get grounded, Get On The Ground. 

If you are wound up, anxious, fidgety, restless, “too in your head”, can’t relax, can’t stop thinking, Get On The Ground.

I seem to be giving this homework to a lot of people lately.  Our nervous systems don’t end with the boundaries of our bodies anymore.  The tendrils have crept out beyond our fingertips into our keyboards and the screens of our phones and IPads and tablets. 

We are at full capacity.  We’re actually beyond capacity.  Your body wasn’t designed to be able to take in this much information. 

It’s too much. 

I know it makes me feel buzzy and wound up when I give into doing the loop on my phone…checking all my apps…rechecking all my apps.  It can make you feel crazy.  Every time we receive a new email or a text or a FB notification or a like on Instagram, we get a hit of dopamine in our brain. 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls our brains pleasure and reward center.  So basically, every time we get stuck in the phone checking loop, we are like little mice tapping that level hoping to get a treat. 

That’s kind of a gross image but it’s a strong one.  This isn’t about phones though.  This is about a simple solution to being anxious and “in your head.” 

You’ve got 29 days left of summer.  29 sweet, easy days before you start poking around for your scarf and your hat, before you have to get used to wearing socks again, and leaving the house without a coat isn’t an option. 

Get on the ground.  The literal ground-the sand, the dirt, the grass.  Not the concrete. 

The Earth has a heartbeat.  It’s called the Schumann Resonance.  It’s an electromagnetic frequency that vibrates at the sound of Om. 

When you walk barefoot on the ground, or lay your body on it, or sit on it, you can connect to the Earth’s frequency and let it calm you.  It has a stilling sensation that is palpable.  This practice of walking barefoot or just putting your bare feet on the ground is called Earthing. 

It’s been linked to better quality sleep, reduced inflammation and pain in the body, weight loss, and lessened anxiety. 

There is only one acupuncture point that exists on the bottom of the foot.  It’s the first point on your Kidney channel.  This point is called Bubbling Spring and it connects to all your other acupuncture channels and every organ in your body.  It can give you a powerful burst of true, rich energy when you allow it to connect to the Earth. 

I’d love for you to give this a try and see how you feel!  I know I need to be out in nature as much as possible to feel normal, healthy, and in my body.  Give yourself this medicine 15-30 minutes a day.  Find a park or go to the beach and walk with no shoes.

Let your Kidneys and your nervous system connect with the Earth’s heartbeat.  It’s no wonder we always feel so good after a day at the beach.  I think the sensation is peaceful, full and happy. 

This is what a recharged life can feel like.  I’m challenging myself to do this everyday until 9/23-the first day of Fall. Try it out and email me to let me know how it felt for you!