Be Absolutely Unapologetic

image via marahoffman.tumblr

image via marahoffman.tumblr

Since my spring trip to Nicaragua, I felt called to expand my healing knowledge.  I am learning a powerful form of breathwork that moves stagnant energy around creativity, sexuality, family patterning, and self-protection and brings it up to the heart to be transformed and purified.  Basically anyone who has a body or a family can greatly benefit from this work! 

It is one of the most incredible active meditations I have ever done and I’m excited to teach it here in New York.  The benefits you receive from moving all of that old, dense energy is unparalleled.  It is guaranteed magic so check my Events page to see when the next one is happening! 

I’ve fallen into a nice rhythm this summer of going to the beach every weekend and doing some kind of ceremony around every full and new moon.  In a crazy, chaotic, urban environment like New York, it can be very challenging to connect to the pulse of the natural world.  Getting my body on the literal Earth in front of the ocean and honoring the moon phases is what is working for me. 

Moon ceremonies might sound like a kooky thing.  In reality, they are a beautiful way to honor culminations (full moons) and fresh starts (new moons).  We don’t have a lot of ways in our culture to honor the more minute risings and fallings in our lives. 

The more I attend these groups, the more in tune I am to my own internal tempo.  The more in tune I am to myself, the more in tune I become to the energy of everyone else.  This helps me to navigate life with a few more clues to human nature and the human experience.  I think we all need a few more clues right? 

The last circle that I attended was on Saturday’s New Moon in Leo.  I wanted to share the theme with you because I feel like it’s so important!  You don’t need to be a Leo to tap into this.  Leo is the flavor of the month and we are all being influenced by this, no matter what sign we are. 

So the theme is…BE UNAPOLOGETIC! 

There you have it.  This is some loud and proud Madonna style energy!  Be bold.  Let your freak flag fly-whatever that means for you. 

If you think back to what you were like as a child, you knew exactly who you were.  I was eccentric, shy, introverted, imaginative, sensitive, fiercely loyal and emotionally passionate.  Who were you?

What amount of your personality and emotional expression has been tucked away over the years?  Who were you before you learned about shame and guilt and were taught how you were supposed to be, act and feel?  Remember yourself. 

Remember who you were before you became “acceptable.”  Before you molded yourself into someone who was appropriate or approved of.  It’s the impossible game as we find everyone needs a different version of us. 

It’s exhausting to be a chameleon. 

And this is the rub, we really like who you are.  Who you really are.  The masks and slick personality changes really prevent us from getting to know you in a deeper way.  And then no one gets intimacy and no one gets validation and we so desperately need to have that connection with you and with ourselves. 

So, even if it’s just for today, try yourself on for size.  Be all of you-vulnerable, wild, “too much”, emotional, unabashed, uncool, honest.  Stand with what’s true for you. 

 Take a risk in being who you really are.  Remove all the labeling you have put on yourself or labels that have been put on you by other people.  People we love label us all the time.  The Black Sheep.  The Crazy One.  The Lazy One.  The One Who Makes It All About Her. 

Time to exfoliate friends.  All these labels are masks that prevent our original self from flourishing.  Say what you mean today.  Tell someone if you need to say something. 

Your deepest personal expression is OKAY.  It is necessary in fact.  Reclaim yourself.