Your Back to School Makeover

Image by Oleg Oprisco

Image by Oleg Oprisco

When I was a wee tween, back to school time was always a major thrill for me.  My mom would give me a mini budget for back to school clothes and I would spend hours pouring over Seventeen, YM and Sassy magazine to collect inspiration for my fall wardrobe.  Of course, I was an awkward skinny girl with a retainer and bad skin so I never really looked like any of the girls in the magazines…and I really wanted to look like Heather Locklear! 

While I eventually got over my disappointment at not being a blond bombshell at age twelve, the urge to start fresh and revamp myself never leaves.  No matter what age we are, the “back to school” feeling is always there.  There’s a bit of excitement in the air, the thrill of new possibilities and starting over.  It’s the New Year before the New Year! 

The Summer to Fall transition is one of the most significant shifts in how we “do” our lives.  Dresses and sandals get packed up.  Sweaters and booties come back out.  Garden eating moves back inside.  Movie nights are back.  The quilt makes its way back on the bed.

The energy of Fall is down and in while Summer energy is loud and proud.  Fall is contemplative and we start to look at our lives and where we are.  Is where we are where we’d like to be or would we like to be somewhere else? 

I relaunched my website last week and it was a really interesting makeover process for me.  When I first launched my practice four and a half years ago, my website was a true reflection of where I was personally and professionally.  Over the years I have refined and discovered who I am as a practitioner.  I’ve added new tricks to the bag-Reiki and Breathwork.  The way that I wear my hair changed, my clothes changed, my office changed.  My healing transformed.  

It was all growth and it was a process less of “changing” and more of becoming myself.  The layers of whom I thought I was or should be fell away to reveal more of who I actually am.  This is what healing is like…allowing the pieces that are not you, that are worn out, and past their expiration date to just fall away. 

I had to really take a look at how I could impart the feeling and the truth of who I am and what I have to offer to you.  I sculpted this through words and pictures.  I dug into my essential self and what I know to be true about me to be able to deliver a message that would let someone say yes to the work I’m doing. 

Fall is a moment to reflect and take stock of yourself.  Who is the you that you are reflecting back to the world?  What would you really like in your life?  Are you moving towards it? 

Looking at your life with honesty can be a really exciting exploration.  We have so much power to create change for ourselves.  We are only limited by our own vision.  How good would it feel if you could make it really big?

Imagine yourself back in your kid body.  What was back to school like then?  What was your vision when you imagined what you’d be when you grew up?  I wanted to be a “sexy” librarian that drove a red convertible and looked like Christie Brinkley. 

Did I achieve that dream?  Yes I did!  I am obviously not a blond librarian but what that dream was really about was a certain feeling that I wanted to embody in my adult life.  The feeling that I was looking for was one of adventure, freedom and spending time every day learning.   Check, check and check! 

So, are you in alignment with your goals and dreams?  Do you know what they are?  Where would you like to be in five years?  When you take a minute to think about that are you surprised?

I invite you to do a back to school checklist of what you will need for this fall.  Our kid selves needed new lunchboxes, 3 pocket spiral notebooks, new pens, fresh white Keds, and a new parka.  What does your adult self need?

A new haircut?  A new dating profile?  A new lease on life?

What is going to fire you up the most?  What is going to shake you out of your routine?  What is going to make you feel vital and alive and full of possibility? 

Give yourself the give of musing on this.  Grab a journal and make some notes.  Think about it during your commute. 

You’re never too old and it’s never too late for a revamp.  This is your one wild and precious life.  If you need more fun, go and get some.  If you need more romance, dial into your feminine side.  Remember yourself and shake off those stale layers of adulthood, supposed to be and should.   

If you’d like a supercharged process to get rid of any limiting beliefs about what your life could be like, join me this Sunday for Breathwork!  RSVP to to join us!  This is powerful work to jumpstart your Fall makeover!