I Am Ready To Stop Being Lazy


I am inherently lazy.

I would seriously love to just lounge around all day on the beach, taking a little dip, drying off in the sun, reading, having a leisurely lunch with a bottle of crisp, minerally Rose, maybe meditate a little, do a restorative yoga class, nap, cook dinner, dance, watch some fireflies, sleep under the stars.  A day full of sensual delights.  That’s my jam. 

I would like to move through the day like a Queen Lioness.  Stretching and strolling and resting when I like.  Instead, I have about 10 jobs. 

I do some of these jobs with gusto and ease.  I do some more begrudgingly.  Some I just slack on and it doesn’t feel good.

It doesn’t feel good to get up and mind meld with my laptop for hours, going in a circle of open tabs, checking and rechecking apps…skipping meditation or exercise because I’m “busy”, prolonging breakfast until my blood sugar drops too low.  If you can relate, this is not a guilt trip.  We all do it!  We’re human!

I’m done though.  I crossed a bridge this weekend in my Healer Training class as the Full Moon helped to illuminate all of my excuses.  It’s on now and I’m finally ready. 

My desire is to publicly out myself to you for not stepping up to my full potential.  All of these distraction tactics are my covert way of keeping myself stuck and small and stagnant.  I’m sure you are familiar with them too wink wink

We all have WAY too much to offer to allow life to just pass us by in a fog of clever and socially sanctioned diversions. 

I declare that I will stop playing small TODAY.  I will no longer shrink in a corner because I am afraid to be weird, loud, or different.  I will not shy away from what I can be because I don’t feel ready or good enough or prepared to step into a place of greater responsibility. 

I’m inviting you to ride this train with me!  There is room for all of us.  I know that if you are reading this, you have a bigger brighter shinier MORE to offer too. 

I’d love to see your offering and your gifts to us.  I’d love to help you mine that gold inside of you.  That’s what healing work can do-reconnect you with your soul and your brilliance.  Come see me =)

So here’s what I did to make today different:

I began my day with 7 minutes of Breathwork meditation.  No excuses because I can do it lying down.  It got my body vibrating and alive and open for the day.  It helps you connect to your essential self by bypassing the mind.  If you’d like to experience this in a session, click HERE to book one.  If you’d like to experience this in a group,

I did a guided meditation on the Goddess Lakshmi.   She is the goddess of abundance.  She has golden skin and a mischievous smile.  Anything you offer to her is immediately transmuted back out into the world as a gift.  You can find Goddess meditation here:

I took a walk.  When I move my body, it frees up messages from my muscles, bones and blood that I can write down for you when I return.  It’s kind of amazing how it works.  I communed with the wind and enjoyed how alive it felt on my skin and how it animated the trees and made a beautiful ssssssshhhhhing sound through the leaves.  I watched a little gaggle of preschool kids and their teachers reveling in this warm pre-fall breeze.  The children and their guardians were calling out “Whoooooo!” to the air, laughing and exchanging with Nature.  Such a treat. 

So there you go, my new day.  My new agenda.  My new commitment to showing up for myself.

Would you like life to feel different?  Do you have something to share with all of us that you are holding back?  What small action can you take today to get closer to that?

I have a feeling you already know just what to do.  If you need some help, come see me.