11/11/14-A Gateway to Your Future

You know how you look at the clock and see 11:11 and make a wish?  Well, today is like one big long wish for the future.  Yeah, the Whole Day.  So, what is your grand vision?  What change is your soul aching for?


Create a crystal clear template of this ideal life and hold it in your mind.  Get detailed with it; embellish with color and most importantly, feelings.  What is the feeling state in this life-joy, peace, contentment, relief, completion, hope, energized?  When you draw those feelings into your body, you magnetize your vision to you.  This is because you are already in the physical and emotional state of having your wishes come true!


So why is 11/11 such a special day for you? 


In numerology, 11’s represent the pillars of the soul.  They form a gateway that you can step through between dimensions of consciousness-between this life and the future that is waiting.  It is a passageway for higher vibrational frequencies. This day is a potent time of transformation to set you up for 2015 and help you manifest your dreams!


11 is a straight line between spirit and matter.  The electric energy of 11 can create very quick change.  If you allow yourself to be unencumbered by baggage from the past, this lightning quick manifestation can occur. 


This is also a day that may bring mind blowing personal insight and clarity.  Our past creates our present and our present creates our future.  If you want to change your future, you must release the emotional charge of the past.  If you are always being drawn backwards by guilt, pain, trauma and unfinished business, these same emotions will continue to infuse your future. 


Don’t be afraid of yourself.  It’s all just you.  You can dig in and delve into those fears and that pain.  We spend so much time avoiding them that it seems counterintuitive to look them in the face.  Identify what’s keeping you down.  Take some time and journal about it.  See what’s holding you back.  When you actually turn to face what is scary, it shrinks.  It gains power when we stuff it away and diminishes when we shine a light on it. 


You can choose to rewrite your story at any time.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive everyone involved….and step through the doorway lightly. 


“Things committed to between now and December 8 are cosmically locked and loaded into our chart. “

~ Anne Ortelee


What will you commit to?  What will you initiate?  What will you dream?


Keep your vibrations All The Way Up today.  Imagine a dimmer switch with the label My Life at the top.  Anytime you start to slip into grumbly/groany mode, raise that switch to the top and feel your energy rise with it. 


You are in the drivers seat.  You are alive.  What do you want?  Go get it.