Mother Nature vs. You


I did a healing circle in a gorgeous domed tent in a backyard in Brooklyn last weekend.  It was in the mid 40’s and I was really concerned that people were going to be cold and uncomfortable.  I urged everyone to layer up and prayed the space heater would combat the chill. 

Ever since I’ve been studying with my teacher David this year, I’ve been connecting more and more to the elements of the Earth-fire, water, earth, and air.  As we got ready to begin breathing, I encouraged everyone to think of the chilled air in the tent as their ally, rather than an enemy.  It came to me in the moment that this air is so different from summer air. 

It’s air that reminds you like a smack in the face that YES it is cold.  YES you are alive.  YES you can feel it in your lungs. 

This isn’t easy breezy air.  This is air that imparts the flavor of the Fall.  You must pay attention.  The energy of Fall and the soon to be Winter demands something of you. 

It is the season of death and grieving and letting go.  It beckons you to go down and inward.  This is the vibration of Fall.  This is correct.  We are not supposed to be up, up, up all the time.  Life has a rhythm. 

We are very protected from Mother Nature and from the elements in our modern life.  We don’t really have to experience it much until we go outside.  This is where I see people’s resistance come in full force. 

Fall is cold and wet.  It just is.  It always has been.

Winter is even colder, wetter, and there is snow.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. 

This is how it’s supposed to go.  Up and down.  Ebb and flow.  Light and dark.  Instropection and extroversion. 

This is what I have found:  The level that one resists their external environment is often equal to the level that one resists their internal environment. 

I remember cracking up last year at a friend who was soooo angry at Winter!  Like literally outraged!  The sheer injustice that the planet was inflicting on her personally with these temperatures!  Absolute resistance to reality! 

We’re all really into nature until it starts messing with us right?

We spend so much precious energy railing against what can absolutely not be changed.  Acceptance of what is can be so relaxing!  You can take all that injustice/irritation energy and pack it up into a big fireball of creation energy instead. 

Pour that energy into a journal.  Paint a painting.  Host an “I’m choosing to love Winter this year” party. 

The more you can be in acceptance of your current circumstances, the more energy you have to affect change.  The more compassion we can bring to ourselves in moments of discomfort, the more softening and transformation is available.  Life is not meant to be a constant beach day. 

This season will demand something of you.  There is a lovely meme floating around social media.  It says:  The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go. 

If we take a cue from nature, we can parallel our lives with the trees.  Once adorned with greenery and lushness, the leaves change color, dry, crumble and fall away.  What is left is the stark naked shape-unadorned and fierce. 

What needs to decay and die in your world?  How strong is your foundation when all your baubles are stripped away?  The cold is asking us to find our bedrock and take it down to the bones. 

We are here for a reason.  We are each tasked with our own learnings and karmic corrections to make.  We have purpose in this lifetime. 

It may be big.  It may be small but we all have one.  Don’t be afraid to be with yourself.  You are just a vessel for all of your feelings.  They are all a part of you.  Light and dark. 

If you can feel that wind and rain on your face, you know you are still here.  You got the memo.  You know the fight is not outside but the battle is within. 

So just relax into the season because it’s happening.  Allow something to fall away…easy breezy just like the leaves.