Guided Breathwork Meditation-Working with Anger & Intensity

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Guided Breathwork Meditation-Working with Anger & Intensity


*You will need both Spotify Premium (to avoid ads/shuffle only) and Zoom (free download) to access this meditation. I will send you a link to the playlist and the guided recording when you purchase.  Please download the recording to your device within 24 hours of purchase.  Can't wait to breathe with you!

Anger is one of the most underutilized and misunderstood emotions. All of our emotions contain valuable insight for us. If we can work with the lighter side of them, we can find their hidden gems.

Anger is a catalyst for change. Anger says “no, thank you” to a situation you do not care for. Anger says something needs to change.

This is for you if:
Your neck and shoulders are always soooo tight
You clench or grind your jaw
You replay conversations of what you should have said to someone in your head
You have a strong critical, internal voice
You have alcohol or drug addiction in your family
You hate conflict and avoid confrontation
You are the people pleaser or peace keeper in your family
Your creativity feels blocked
You experience a lot of miscommunications in your relationships
You get a lot of sore throats
You feel really stuck in your life
You get really upset or angry but shut down, get paralyzed or are afraid to have a conversation about your feelings
You avoid rocking the boat at all costs
You have a lot of feelings but you aren't talking about them
You identify as shy
You carry a lot of secrets
You feel stuck in your life. 
OR you're just look WTH is happening with all this intensity in my life and you want to breathe it out!

This Breathwork is a lot about the throat and your expression. It's a lot about letting the sadness or depression that is buried under the anger or resentment OUT. Anger has a stigma and I can feel that a lot of people looked at this topic and were like, "that's not me." It's all of us. It was 100% me for most of my life. Always ready to get in the ring. All of the above. When I cleared my frustration, irritation, resentment, and anger-guess what I found? True power. Sweet, strong, boundaried power. The good kind. I let go of the ocean of sadness too. 

We will use the breath as a vehicle to release the density of anger, learn how to work with it, find our voices, and become empowered rather than overwhelmed by this potent energy!

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. The breath can help you to stay grounded, stay in your heart and stay present. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body of emotional gunk. You breathe with an open mouth into the belly to stir the second chakra, oxygenate and breathe new life force into old stories and limiting beliefs. You draw the breath up to the heart to purify and wash these emotions with love. You breathe out of the mouth to release. The experience moves stuck emotional energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and grief. It leaves you feeling softer, open and less burdened.


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