Full Moon Eclipse Virtual Breathwork Group - in the comfort of your own home 7/27/18

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Full Moon Eclipse Virtual Breathwork Group - in the comfort of your own home 7/27/18


*This virtual group will be from 5-6:15pm PDT on JULY 27, 2018. 

*please note all times are in PDT

*a recording will be sent to you after the class

instructions and the link to join the group will be emailed to you by 3pmPDT on 7/27/18

"This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (and this entire eclipse corridor) offers us an opportunity to step away from the light, and allow ourselves to find rest and nourishment in the darkness. This time invites us to lay down our mental and emotional weapons.  To take a break from the chaos.  To press pause.  To soften and release.  To remember that we do not have to figure it all out right now.  To remember that we are always, always, already whole, perfect, and free-but we have to allow ourselves to feel it."

~ Sarah Gottessdiener from her Many Moons workbook

The Full Moon illuminates what is or isn’t working in our lives.  This is a culmination point of the month where something will come to a head that is ready to be transformed.  Every ending contains the seed of a beginning.  Breathing into the truth and our hidden emotions helps us become embodied and whole!  

The power of breathing together in a group amplifies the sacred container of support as we all contribute our open hearted, light seeking energies to the mix.  You add to the collective when you show up in community to heal.

Breathwork is Sacred Hygiene.  It is an opportunity to cleanse the emotional body of any residue that has built up or gotten stuck in your physical self or your belief system.  Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body of emotional gunk. The experience moves stuck emotional energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and grief. It leaves you feeling softer, open and less burdened.  I’ll coach you through the experience with love…all set to a cosmic soundtrack.

Breathwork can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connect you to your intuition, help you access your creativity and open your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.  It is a self-healing practice that has changed my life and is an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox.

You will only need Zoom (free) to participate in the group session.  A recording will be sent to you after the class to download and use as many times as you like.  Can’t wait to breathe with you!


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