"A purist, a powerhouse, & radically present.  It is rare to find such naturally powerful healing energy, presence, and compassion. Erin has an ability to gaze into your soul, relax and calm your nerves while speaking directly to what ails you. She is true blue. She is major. She is grounded, intuitive, with a keen ability to hold space like the oldest, wisest oak in the forest. Equally powerful and humble, you cannot help but feel fully free and authentic. She knows what she is doing. You will feel seen. Safe. And Held. I trust her. "

- Kalisa Augustine, Crystal Bed Therapist, Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer 

After experiencing Erin’s breath work in a group setting, I felt called to book a private session with her. I’m so grateful I trusted my guidance, as she was able to help me move through grief that I’ve been holding since childhood. I felt so safe and cared for in her presence, and as healing goes, it was one of the most care-ful and gentle experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend Erin for anyone looking to access and release emotions and beliefs stored in the body. She’s a phenomenal presence.
— Tyla Fowler/New York
Erin truly is a healer. She is inquisitive and insightful and has the most calming, grounding energy. She provides everything I need to move through emotional blocks that are holding me back. Her energy and healing allows me to move forward - empowered, re-energized, and confident in my next steps. Truly miraculous. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck, confused, frustrated and/or is struggling to find a way to let go. So thankful for her incredible gifts.
— Susie S., Fine Jewelry Designer/New York
As someone who has been in therapy for over 20 years, I have never had any practice affect me so immediately and so positively as my session with Erin. My improvement was immediate. I felt so comfortable with Erin; she was direct, informative, compassionate, and just plain wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend her. She is hugely talented.
— Ruthy Effler, Member Development Manager/New York
Erin has an incredibly healing presence and that combined with her absolute full attention to each person she works with is powerful. I’ve seen her for breathwork in her private practice as well as group settings and have recommended her to countless friends. She refocuses the lens in an amazingly short time and holds space for release of tightly held and unnecessary emotion. She also has a way of keeping her clients honest and no fear of taking people to the places they need to go.
— Anna D., Program Manager/New York

The best acupuncturist in the city!  Erin has helped me grow as a person. It's a life changing experience!

- E.H., Student/New York 

Through my work with Erin, I’ve identified and shifted many known and unknown barriers in my life. It’s helped me to let go of what doesn’t serve me and see how that leads to a “pruned” and refined version of my best self. I feel very centered, peaceful, relaxed and happy. I’m in such a better place to help others, help myself achieve my goals, and just navigate the twists and turns of life!

I also really value Erin’s compassion, knowledge, thoughtfulness and wisdom. I love learning and gain so much every time I come in. I also feel a real trust and grace from her. I know that she is genuinely “rooting for me” like a great coach does and her heart is in the right place. It comes through in all our discussions and treatments and is part of the intangible reason I enjoy our time together. I really feel like I have a radiant heart!
— Laura L, Marketing Director/New York
Acupuncture with Erin Telford is a rich experience. She is a highly skilled practitioner whose work is informed by a depth of knowledge and an instinctive understanding that make her a rare and wonderful healer. Whether you visit her to address a specific problem or just for overall well-being, you will be well served and well pleased.
— J.L./New York

Erin was my magic potion.  Through my work with her, my whole life completely changed!   She taught me to trust myself and to see my beauty.  She taught me about how important it is to commit to yourself and how vital healthy routines are.  I see her when I want to receive guidance, care, compassion and love.  Our relationship is one of the most important in my life. There is a trust, openness and caring that means the world to me. 

- Jasmine T, Strategic Consultant/New York

Erin is amazing! I was on birth control for 17 years and unable to go off because I suffer from ovarian cysts. Doctors have been telling me for years that the only way to not get cysts is to stay on birth control. Many times, I have tried to go off birth control and would always end up in the emergency room because the pain was so bad. After going to see Erin, I was able to successfully go off of the pill and not get any cysts.

I love the work she does and who she is as a healer. I feel great when I leave her office because she really gives me the perfect treatment every time. Her energy is wonderful and I always feel like I’m in a safe space where my needs are met.

I also truly feel connected to Erin, which is important to me when choosing a health care professional. Our relationship feels like a team effort because she respects my intuition and feelings and considers her patients their own “best doctor.” I know good things are happening when I’m there and I am so grateful for her!
— Krista Misuraca, Stylist/New Jersey

WOW!!! Please do gift yourself this profound healing experience!!! I went to Erin 3 weeks ago to discuss my digestion and insomnia. I had no idea she would resolve all that AND empower me with my own self-love to voice my needs and stand up for myself!!! My sleep and digestion have improved dramatically. As have all my inter-personal and professional relationships. Mind-body-soul healing. So powerful! And she's just so lovely!

- Deganit Nuur, Acupuncturist & Clairvoyant/New York

Erin does a great job with me. I’m just about as sensitive as it gets. I’m also a bit new to acupuncture and rarely is there a time that I can do more than a small handful of needles. What she can do with just three or four needles is really miraculous. You’d never know I went to her feeling mediocre, a bit crunchy, tense, foggy...because I left feeling absolutely vibrant, warmed, rooted and even a bit like I was on cloud nine. I walked about twenty or so blocks downtown because the fresh winter air, which had previously felt intrusive and shocking, now felt divine. The whole time walking—and for the rest of the evening—I had a sly smile across my lips like I was feeling something in the air (and in my body) was a special secret just for me. I recently left my job and have no healthcare, and Erin is my one regular “healthcare” expense—worth every last penny.
— Dana Balicki, Transformational Coach/New York
I wanted to say thank you for starting me out on this journey, for helping me to believe I would be able to get pregnant, and for being such a great and positive influence on my health and fertility. I honestly know that it wouldn’t have happened without you giving me the information I needed to start charting and following my cycles, understand what was going on with my body, and treating me with the herbs and the acupuncture to set things right. I feel so lucky to have found you when I did.
— Jen P, Television Executive/New York & Los Angeles
Erin is a highly intuitive healer and I absolutely recommend working with her. Many people think of pain relief when they think of acupuncture. I came to Erin with emotional goals. If I was lacking self-esteem or I wanted to be more centered, she would focus our session on self-love and grounding. She created a space where I felt that I could be honest and vulnerable about my emotions. This made the treatments more powerful because she could meet me where I was. After our sessions I feel incredibly present and able to take on the world. I also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. After my first session with her, it felt like I’d had ten massages in a row! It astonished me how my muscles were able to relax so quickly! If you’re looking to treat yourself to something really special, I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a gentle spirit and truly gifted!
— Lauren Fales, Actress and Youth Facilitaor/New York

Erin is honestly a miracle worker. After going off the pill I experienced an avalanche of PCOS symptoms. I tried some things on my own-- upgraded my diet, exercise, and supplements, but it wasn't until started seeing Erin that I got back in the flow. She was even able to start my menstrual cycle for me on two separate occasions! She creates such a safe, calm space where I can really relax and let go. Also, her intake process is so thorough that she catches things I never even thought about! I'm constantly impressed by with her vast amount of knowledge of both eastern and western medicine. Really, I'm just so thankful to have Erin in my life. She's a true superstar.

- Quinn A., Health Coach/New York

Last winter I started having severe panic attacks as well as other health problems. I was seeking treatment through hospitals and physicians but they all seemed mystified by my ailments. I felt helpless and scared. A friend recommended seeing Erin Telford as she had worked with her and thought that perhaps acupuncture was the answer.

I had met Erin before but on seeing her again at her beautiful office I felt at ease. I shared with Erin my concerns as well as what I would like to work through in acupuncture. Within the first session I felt a wave of calm as well as safety. I had let my anxiety subside and I began to feel like myself again. After a few more sessions my panic attacks went away all together. Every once in a while I can tell I need an acupuncture tune up to help with my sleeping. Last night following her treatment was the first time I slept in 3 days! Erin is an amazing healer. Her talent and good energy is a blessing.
— Helena E., New York