My Latest Obsession-Aja Davis, Personal Trainer & Owner of New Body Bootcamp

  Since moving to New York from the west coast six years ago, I have found it next to impossible to exercise as much as I used to.  It felt like fitness was built in when I lived in Seattle and San Francisco.  Riding bikes to work was the norm.  Close proximity to both the mountains and the ocean meant that surfing/swimming and snow sports were always on the menu for summer and winter.  Friends would cycle together for nights on the town because everything was pretty close together. 

            New York is an entirely different animal.  I have never walked or climbed more stairs in my average daily life than I have here.  I honestly miss it and feel oddly off when I go out of town and am being shuttled around in friend’s cars.  The problem is that true, sweat-inducing, blood-pumping, “my body is so sore but I love it” exercise is in short supply without a lot of effort.  It ends up being one more thing on the already over saturated to do list.  You drag yourself to the gym after work and try to keep your heart rate up while you read US Weekly.  The late night out on Friday ends up canceling your feeble attempt at an early Saturday morning yoga class.   We have a million excuses as to why we can’t work out…and did we mention that we’re tired? 

            My workout salvation and motivation was recently found in the form of Aja Davis-personal trainer.  I was introduced to Aja through a friend who had been raving about her.  Aja and I eventually ended up being part of a ‘Dream Team’-a group of women small business owners who meet up to inspire and network once a month.  I have been working out with Aja twice a week for almost 2 months.  It’s AMAZING.  My eyes are brighter, my muscles are stronger, my confidence about my body is higher and I am taking those subway stairs like a champ.  The workout is 45 minutes and there are no clocks in Aja’s space.  She tells you what to do, when to start and when to stop.  Just when you can’t take it anymore, it’s over and you want to give her a hug.  I have never been able to push myself as hard as she has but she is a gentle slave driver. 

            We all know what the benefits of exercise are but we let a million things stand in our way.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to something that benefits your health.  Put the cocktail and shoe money towards action that will move your Qi and blood, decrease your stress levels, improve your sleep, enhance your mental clarity and tone and tighten your body.

            I look forward to every training session with her.  Aja is not only a certified personal trainer.  She is also a Holistic Health Coach, certified in TRX Suspension Training and Pre/Post Natal wellness.  Please visit her website for more information or contact me to try out my workout with a free pass.  Take your body back!