Time to Manifest-Make 10 Wishes for the New Moon!

The New Moon moves into Scorpio late Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Today is the ideal time to manifest ten wishes that you have for the coming month.  I practice this almost every month and without fail, at least 4-5 of my wishes come true.  You can make them big or small, outlandish or easily achievable.  The trick is to really feel how you would feel if they came true as you are writing them down.  Decorate your list and put some energy into your choices.  When you are finished, either burn the list to release it to the universe’s will or put them away in a drawer so you can see how far you’ve come by next month. 

The energy of this particular New Moon is all about taking a look at your romantic and financial past and seeing what has come along to teach you lessons in those areas.  What in the past has had a major effect on your present?  Where in your life have you realized that you valued someone or something more than you imagined you could?  Use the answers to these questions as inspiration for your wish list if this resonates with you. 

Another powerful New Moon practice of mine is moxabustion.  Our bodies are weakest at this time as the moon is brand new.  As the moon grows throughout the month towards fullness, our mental and physical energy grows as well.  The New Moon is the best time to moxa Zu San Li or Stomach 36 to nourish life.  ‘Nourishing life’ is the Chinese practice of preventing disease and promoting health and vitality.  This practice will increase energy levels, digestion and immunity!  Enjoy!


First, you will want to find the acupuncture point on your body.  It is located on the front of the leg, one hand width (four fingers) below the kneecap, on the outside, in the depression between the shinbone and the leg muscle. The point is immediately one hand breadth below the kneecap, so if you’d use something thick, like a finger, you might get half a finger breadth to low. It’s at the outside of the bone that’s on the front of the lower leg, one finger breadth from the crest of that bone.  Check out the drawing if the location is confusing.

Next, you will apply moxa to this point daily for the first 8 days of the New Moon cycle.  Buy a moxa pole in Chinatown or Pearl River Market and grab an extinguisher while you are at it.  Move the moxa pole in clockwise circles as close to the skin as you are comfortable with.  You can count to 108 or just do it for a couple of minutes on each side.  Moxa this point on both sides for greater health and wellbeing!