New Moon in Pisces-time to make your wish list!

The New Moon moves into Pisces this Friday afternoon at 3:46 EST.  Many people ask me to remind them when the New Moon is happening because they know it has extra intention setting power.  Have you heard of The Law of Attraction?  It is the belief that ‘like attracts like’ and that positive thought patterns bring true results.  This is the ideal day to manifest ten wishes that you have for the coming month.  I practice this almost every month and without fail, at least 4-5 of my wishes come true.  You can make them big or small, outlandish or easily achievable.  The trick is to really feel how you would feel if they came true as you are writing them down.  Decorate your list and put some energy into your choices.  When you are finished, either burn the list to release it to the universe’s will or put them away in a drawer so you can see how far you’ve come by next month. 

Each month the New Moon falls in a different astrological sign.  If you align your intention with the particular energy of the month, you will have even more manifestation power.  This New Moon is in Pisces and its two major themes are self-healing and fertile ground for new beginnings.  Religion gets a little less secular and a little more spiritual now.  It’s a perfect time to adopt a meditation or yoga practice.  Try being still.  Set a timer for two minutes and match your in breaths to your out breaths.  Take it easy.  

Remember that you are an animal.  It’s time to move on instinct and let your unconscious mind take over.  Allow your heart, compassion, and ‘from your gut’ inclinations to rule now.  Trust in your intuitive and creative vision.  Your dreams are powerful and can provide clues to your waking life.  Artists and musicians are favored now.  The weekend may have an ethereal quality to it.  See if you can feel it.  

Another powerful New Moon practice of mine is moxabustion.  Our bodies are weakest at this time as the moon is brand new.  As the moon grows throughout the month towards fullness, our mental and physical energy grows as well.  The New Moon is the best time to moxa Zu San Li or Stomach 36 to nourish life.  ‘Nourishing life’ is the Chinese practice of preventing disease and promoting health and vitality.  This practice will increase energy levels, digestion and immunity.  Ask me about how moxa can benefit you!