The Radiant Heart Crystal Tincture

I am SO excited to announce my first Radiant Heart Acupuncture product!  

This is the Radiant Heart Crystal Tincture and it is magical! The crystals were cleaned by the light of the Moon and basked in the Summer Solstice Sun. Reiki'd and charged with the intention of welcoming love and heart healing. This tincture opens the heart chakra, relieves emotional pain from past hurts, opens you to Universal Love energy, promotes self esteem, acceptance and connection with our higher self, enhances true self confidence, and aids in enveloping us with joy and love in our lives! Take before or after any heart activating event (grieving a loss of any kind, going on a first date, or just having an emotionally wobbly day).  

Can be used under the tongue, in a glass of water or as a room spray! Available for $12-pick up in my office or I can ship domestically!