Modern Family: A High Vibe Holiday Survival Guide

Modern Family:  A High Vibe Holiday Survival Guide

“If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family.” – Ram Dass

Nothing is truer than this statement, since THIS is the real spiritual work. Take it off the mat, take it out of the personal development book, take it off the cushion – family time means time to walk the talk.

If you are mentally steeling yourself for holiday family time this year, know that you are not alone. We always revert to children when we go home, no matter our actual age. And this inner child will always re-experience the same unmet needs for attention, affection, allowing, acceptance or appreciation.

This inner child may even be coming into a family gathering with an expectation of feeling old hurt. This child may unconsciously be watching and waiting for familiar signs that he or she is inadequate, unwanted, or less than.

And if these wounds haven’t been addressed and healed, even if there isn’t an overtly toxic situation to navigate there will always be people present that push these buttons.

The trigger might be a casual remark about your job or relationship status, your parenting style or appearance. The deeper the wound, the more power these off hand comments can have to throw you off your game, creating a spiral of anger and insecurity. Happy holidays!

And we’re talking deep, subconscious stuff, the kind of stuff it’s hard to see coming. One minute you’re “fine,” the next, an insecure little girl who wants to lash out teenage rebel style – or else go hide in her room.

With this in mine, here are a few tips to keep in your back pocket while you navigate…

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Let's Get Better Together

Let's Get Better Together

I don’t care about who you voted for.  Or even that you didn’t vote. 


All I care about is what you do next. 


This time last week I was walking to meet a friend with tears streaming down my face, fighting the urge to collapse on the wet sidewalk in the rain and put my head in my hands.  I was shocked and sad and disappointed.  Incredulous but also not.  I’ve been comfortable in my little bubble of people who think like me. 


The bubble has officially burst.


So THIS is what we’re working with?  Ok.  I accepted this truth with tight lips and a fire sparking in my chest.  Game ON. 


We can’t heal something we can’t see.  We can’t fix something if not everybody thinks it’s broken.  What is happening right now is not new.  The man who won the electoral vote did not create racism, misogyny, or degradation of rights for all people.  This was already on the menu. 


We, the people, created this.  We, the people, are the only ones who can heal it. 

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